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AdultDatingOffers started off as a review and comparison site in July 2005. We have helped a lot of guys find their way in the Online Adult Dating Community.  Since the launch in 2005 we have made a lot of changes. We now have more than 150 pages of adult dating articles and tips, as well as a blog and video demonstrations.

The website is being created, updated and extended by our team of enthusiastic adult dating site users and is being published by “Invisible Ideas Publications”. In total our team consists out of three guys and 2 women. Let us introduce ourselves.

Andrew is our most experienced Dating Guru. It’s hard to keep score, but Andrew has been with a ton of Women and is known for his fine taste in Ladies. For AdultDatingOffers.com Andrew leads the review team and is mostly responsible for adding great articles and tips to the site.

Stacy:Besides hitting the Californian Waves, Stacy spends her time on her favorite site; SexSearch. Like every surf babe, Stacy can’t get enough of bad boys and has a much spoken opinion; which comes in handy when she participates in the review panel and moderates the comments

Andre:Our own piece German craftsmanship; Andre joined our team in January 2007. Andre is responsible for testing and reviewing Adult Dating sites and spotting new websites and features. Andre is an active user of the Adult Dating community and knows where it’s at. As a side note; he’s a great hang, and always accompanied by lovely women.

Evil Jenny (A.K.A. Jennyfer)Jennyfer is our office bitch, she knows what she wants and never takes no for an answer. So you better hope you’re not running into her on one of the sites ;) Jen is responsible for creating the Video Demos, participating in the review panel and keeping the Blog Clean. P.S. she’s a real Mac junkie so that’s a great first conversation maker..

Bruno:Bruno is this earths Brainiac and hand coded this site from scratch and works continuously on improving the site. (Nerd alert) Bruno is an occasional Adult Dating site user, but has hooked up with some of the most gorgeous women on the sites (must be abusing his status from here). Bruno is also responsible for giving away the free memberships, but unfortunately only responds to female e-mails ;)

Behind the scenes we’re currently working to create and test a forum, integrate user comments and polls. We want AdultDatingOffers.com to be the #1 place for Adult Dating; whether you’re a new, intermediate or die hard Adult Dater ;-)

The reason why you don’t see any advertising on the site and the quality and uniqueness of the content pretty much exceeds any other dating comparison site is because AdultDatingOffers is updated several times a week by passionate people that actively use the adult personals websites. We are committed to giving you the best possible experience on our site and if you have any questions, comments or complaints don’t hesitate to contact us.

AdultDatingOffers.com does not endorse advertising on our website.