Things to Avoid when Contacting Women

Things to Avoid when Contacting Women

Eric wrote on 2007 October, 04

Boy Meets Girl. Boy Screws Girl. That’s how it’s supposed to work for guys on SexSearch. But making even the slightest mistake during the contacting process can scare a hottie away. Guys: if you’re serious about getting laid (and we know you are), then take a look at the most common goofs to avoid when approaching women online.

Sounding Arrogant, Negative & Picky
If there’s one thing women hate, it’s arrogance. As tempting as it is to be smug on an adult personals site like SexSearch, you don’t want to push it. Unless you look like Brad Pitt, writing that you “can get any woman in bed anytime” probably won’t get you very far. Same goes for being totally offensive in your profile and emails: you will get nowhere with a babe. Women are also turned off by negativity. If you say in your profile that you’re looking for someone who’ll give you a lot of sex because “your last girlfriend was a bitch who hated sex,” chances are you won’t be making many new friends here. Sounding picky is also a red flag for women. Besides, the more flexible you are to meeting a variety of girls, the better your chances to fill up your calendar with fuck buddies!


Boy Writes to Girl. Boy Lies to Girl. Boy Meets Girl. Girl Discovers That Boy Lied. Girl Ditches Boy. Any questions?

Writing Without Reading First

We know it’s tempting to write to a woman online immediately after seeing how hot she looks, but it’s important to also read her stats and essays…carefully. It’ll be a waste of time if you write to a woman about hooking up, and it clearly states in her profile that she’s only looking for cyber sex.


Cutting and Pasting Emails
This is a big no-no. Women somehow know when you’ve sent them a cut and paste, and they’ll shit-can your email like a used tampon. One of the best things you can do to attract a woman online is 1.) actually READ her profile and 2.) make references to personal information in her profile. Bonus points if you can spruce up your introductory note with some wit.

Being Pushy

Let’s face it: women just don’t like pushy guys. So if you don’t get a response back from someone, no need to bombard them with a slew of follow-up emails to make sure they got it and/or ask why they haven’t responded. If you’re just dying to know, one follow-up note is okay. But we can assure you that SexSearch’s email service works just fine, so either she got your note or just hasn’t picked it up yet.


Keeping these guidelines in mind when contacting women on SexSearch can make the difference between a night alone with Rosie Palms and the night of a lifetime with the woman of your dreams! The moral of the story is: behave during the initial getting-to-know-you phase and you can behave badly later.

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