How To Get Laid More Often

How To Get Laid More Often

Eric wrote on 2007 October, 04

And now for the feel-good column of the year…how to get more sex. It’s clearly a subject that’s on people’s minds: there are tons of books and websites out there dedicated to this very topic. Instead of spending countless hours reading up on how to get more tail, all you have to do is read this short and sweet version.

Look Good, Feel Good
The trick to getting a lot of sex is to look the part. This means you have to look sexy and feel sexy. Working out, eating right, and staying in shape will help boost confidence. You don’t have to have the physique of a bodybuilder. The goal is to have high self-esteem. If you feel good about yourself, people will notice. Looking good also doesn’t mean you have to be dressed to the nines everywhere you go. You can look just as sexy in a pair of casual sweats on the way to get coffee. Wherever you go, have great posture. Own the room.


Look For Opportunities
Opportunities to find sex are everywhere: you just have to look for them. Beyond the obvious places like bars, clubs and supermarkets, hook-ups can be found at doctor’s offices, dog parks, car washes…the possibilities are endless. When you do spot someone you want to bed, make eye contact, complete with a subtle yet seductive smile. Hold your gaze for about two or three seconds and then look away. If the other person looks away and then looks at you again, that’s your signal that they could be interested, too!


Be Confident and Edgy
When you do get the cue to approach someone, never let them see you sweat. Be confident. Women especially love confident men. If you don’t feel confident, fake it. As for conversation, keep it interesting. Don’t discuss everyday things…unless you’re looking for a PG-rated date or a friendship. The goal is to subtly bring sex into the conversation. An example would be, “Hey I drive a convertible. Do you like to ride topless?” Whatever you say, it doesn’t necessarily have to be true, it just has to be clever. Remember to give direct eye contact and flash that killer smile. That - along with witty banter - is key to hooking someone. It also doesn’t hurt to leave a little mystery. If they ask for your name, reply with, “What would you like my name to be?” You’ll probably get a laugh, and chances are they’ll be even more intrigued about you. Oh, one more thing: make sure the person’s actually “available” to hook up!


Get The Mood Right
Home-court advantage does have its advantages. If you have a potential hook-up coming over, make sure your crib is hook-up friendly. Clean up your place. Make sure the lighting’s just right: dim the lights and light a few scented candles. Have some good “mood” music playing in the background, a nice bottle of wine ready, and some nibbles out. You can’t go wrong with something chocolate. Don’t forget the whipped cream! All these elements will help make your special guest of the evening feel comfortable and better your chances of making it to the bedroom. Or the kitchen floor.


Learn From The Experts
If you really want to be a pro at hooking up with people, you need to study from the best. If you have some buddies who are great with the ladies, watch them in action and see how they work. There are also some great TV and movie characters to watch. Some examples: Dr. Troy from “Nip/Tuck,” Robert Downey Jr.’s character in “The Pick Up Artist,” Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in “Catch Me If You Can,” and Rob Lowe’s character in “Bad Influence.”


Use SexSearch…A Lot!
Why go out to find sex when you can find sex in your own…home? Log on to to find hook-ups in your town.  As a SexSearch member, you have access to over 10 million people who are all looking for the same thing: sex!


Life is short, and one of the worst things is looking back and saying, “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.” If you come across an opportunity to talk to a possible hook-up, just go for it! Of course it’s a little scary, but fear is what keeps you from getting what you really want. You have a better chance at getting some by going up to talk to someone than not trying at all. So the next time you see someone you like and find yourself hesitating, just say “screw it” and go talk to them! As the famous Jim Carrey line goes, “He who hesitates, masturbates.”

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