Online Dating vs. Adult Dating

Online Dating vs. Adult Dating

Andrew wrote on 2008 June, 10 In this article we're going to distinguish to aspects of adult dating: The on-line and the regular one. Wich one do you choose?

Online Dating features members looking for serious commitments and relationships.

ADULT DATING has members just looking for wild fun in bed (and wherever else you can have wild fun!).

Online Dating takes forever if you’re looking for sex because you first have to take the girl out, buy her dinner and drinks, take her to the movies and get her flowers before even getting a chance to have sex.

ADULT DATING is quick if you’re looking for sex because it only has girls just looking to get to the point without all the dating BS.

Online Dating has boring dating articles that basically teach you nothing.

ADULT DATING has lots of fun extras on sites like, like portals to XXX movies and photos and live webcams with sexy hotties for the hottest steamiest erotic interaction.

Which do you choose???

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