Advantages To Using A Wing Man

Advantages To Using A Wing Man

Andrew wrote on 2008 June, 17 When youre out on the town meeting women, it always helps to have a wingman by your side. After all, you wouldnt fly a jetliner without a co-pilot, right? Heres why using wingmen is better than going at it solo.

You’ll Look More Popular With Women

When a woman sees you with friends, it increases the chances of her wanting to get to know you because you’ll come across as friendly and not a loner.

A Wingman Can Give You Encouragement To Approach Women

It’s normal to get nervous before approaching women. So it makes things a lot easier when there’s a buddy there to help get you pumped up! See for yourself: go out and pick up women without a wingman, and then pick up women with a wingman and notice the difference!

A Wingman Can Help Scope Out The Scene For You

You’ve heard the phrase, “Two heads are better than one.” Well in the case of meeting women, this couldn’t be more true. By having a wingman by your side, you could cut down the time it takes to find the right women to approach.

A Wingman Can Help Distract Other Men

The awful truth about meeting women at bars and clubs is that other men will try to approach them, too. But the good news is that a wingman can help act as a “barrier” between the other men and the woman you’re interested in by distracting them and leading them to other women.

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