How to Seduce Women

How to Seduce Women

Eric wrote on 2007 October, 10

Seduction isn’t just a skill, it’s an art. It takes intricate steps, patience and complete understanding of how it all works. Seduction is all about the other person. You cannot get jealous or possessive when you are trying to seducing someone. Seduction’s like a dance: you lead, and the other person follows. It may not happen overnight. But when it does happen, it makes all the effort worthwhile. We’ve broken down the steps to seducing a hottie from start to a very climactic finish.

Look Your Best
Before you can even think of trying to seduce a girl, you have to make sure you look the part. The right hairstyle, stylish clothes, and shoes are essential. You don’t have to have movie star looks to seduce (although it can’t hurt). But, you do have to look like you’re in control and not like a frat boy who just rolled out of bed. Confidence is an absolute must in the art of seduction.


Don’t Hesitate
When you target the woman of your choice, go straight up and talk to her. Do not hesitate. If you both establish eye contact and she sees you fumbling, that will give her the opportunity to judge you.


Be A Gentleman
Women usually have their guard up when they’re confronted by a stranger. So it’s important to establish a comfort level from the get go. When you first approach a girl, give her direct eye contact and a warm smile. Avoid pick up lines at all costs. Being genuine and sincere is key to the seduction process, as it establishes trust. A good introduction would be something like, “Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you have a great smile, and that’s something I gravitate towards.” The more you show the girl that you are harmless, the more likely she’ll start to warm up to you. Close the deal by taking a call of action: ask for her number.

Use Your Charm and Intellect
In order seduce a woman, you have to think outside the box. That means standing out from all the other guys. Ask her about guys in general, her past, her dreams, her fears, etc. Really listen and understand where she’s coming from, and empathize. Show her how truly special she is by doing things that other guys haven’t. If she says a guy’s never serenaded her, surprise her with a serenade (even if you sing worse than Sanjaya from “American Idol”). After that, she’ll probably have a very hard time getting you out of her mind. Do not discuss sex with her, but put the innuendo out there. An example would be, “I have a gal pal who’s dating someone who wants her to do a sex video. Would you ever do one?”


Don’t Rush
Seduction can take time, so don’t expect to get laid right away. As mentioned before, it’s not about you, it’s about her. For maximum effect, prolong a rendezvous by just emailing and phoning your new friend and using vivid imagery to compliment her. Speak to her in a lowered sexy voice. Tell her how much you can’t wait to see her, and what you look forward to doing with her. This can drive women crazy. By the time you both finally do get together, she’ll probably want to rip your clothes off!


Lights, Camera, Action!
OK, so the time has come to get it done. But wait, don’t just get right into it. Women love when men take it slow and easy. If you’re meeting at a bar or are out somewhere, lean into her and give direct eye contact. Give her light strokes along her arms and hands and face and play with her hair. If the cues are there that she’s into it, whisper gently in her ear that, “you can’t wait to get your hands all over on her in private.” When you are finally alone with her, have the mood set right with dimmed lights and mood music. Remember to go slowly. Touch her everywhere but. And then…

They say that practice makes perfect, so it could take a few tries to perfect your seduction technique. The more often you’re successful at it, the more confident you’ll feel. You might even end up being a little too good for your own good. Be careful what you wish for!

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