How To Make Sex Even More Exciting

How To Make Sex Even More Exciting

Andrew wrote on 2008 June, 17 Sex is most exciting with its with someone new. But over time it can become routine and boring. The good news is there are ways to make the sex feel like the first time over and over again by trying different things!

Use A Blindfold

Putting a blindfold on someone takes away their sense of sight and can heighten sex as a result of the unknown. There are many kinds of blindfolds out on the market, but even a scarf or bandana will do.

Try A Different Position

There are hundreds of different sex positions to try: why keep doing the same one over and over. It’s fun also to experiment with which positions feel better for you – and her!

Talk Dirty To One Another

Have you tried this one yet? If not, try it tonite and you may find yourself getting over-excited about the dirty things coming out of her mouth!

Read Erotic Literature

The way men get aroused by watching porn women get aroused by reading erotic literature. So go to your local adult bookstore, pick a book with lots of explicit words, and read your sex partner a nice “bedtime story.”

These are just a few examples to help get you started. Some other ideas to spice up sex include trying BDSM, using whipped cream, having sex after a shower, having sex during a shower, and having sex in a bathtub/jacuzzi

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