What Women Look For In A Man

What Women Look For In A Man

Andrew wrote on 2008 June, 17 Most women can afford to be picky because theyre so hot looking. If you know what theyre specifically looking for, youve already won half the battle.


This is probably the number one trait you must have if you want to be with a hot chick. After all, have you ever seen a stunning woman with a spineless wimp, other than in a comedy movie?


Women are attracted to guys with brains: a man with a plan. You don’t often see women hanging out with guys that have no job, no plan, and no ambition in life.


Another trait women look for in men is awareness: not just awareness of their surroundings but also of issues like politics and the environment.

Ability To Handle Any Situation

How are you in stressful situations? A woman wants a guy who can take charge and not clam up when the going gets tough. Being a quick thinker and quick witted is a plus.

Good In Bed & Good Kisser

This is an important one. Women hate men who kiss like dogs. They want a guy who can give them nice, soft kisses when they first meet and of course raw hardcore kisses in bed. They also want a guy who knows what he’s doing with his power drill.

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