How To Make Sex Even Better

How To Make Sex Even Better

Andrew wrote on 2008 June, 24 Sex is great. I know, you know, even the little bees know it! But humans are often bored with repeated things. Se we all have the need to try different stuff just to improve our love-making. Heres a few pointers for you!

- Take your time, don’t rush

- Ask women how she likes your touches, licks etc.

- Be clean. Shower beforehand. Wear light fragrance.

- Play sensual music in the background

- Play erotic games beforehand

- Be unpredictable in bed. Keep her on the edge of her seat.

- Use different lubricants and lotions

- Wear costumes

- Have phone sex beforehand

- Feed each other finger foods/desserts

- Try a different location

- Roleplay

- Change the lighting of the room

- Read a how-to book on sex & surprise her with something you’ve learned.

- Just relax. Don’t put too much expectation on things.


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