How To Stand Out in Adult Dating

How To Stand Out in Adult Dating

Andrew wrote on 2008 June, 24 Unfortunately, you are not the one guy doing adult dating on sites like The good news is there are things you can do to stand out and get laid a lot!

Catchy Screenname

You’ll have better success with adult dating if you have a screenname that truly stands out. Stay away from names like Rick123 or NiceGuyForYou: boring! Try names like LockedAndLoaded, BigTallAndHandsome and TheGSpotFinder.

Have Fun Photos

Upload photos on your profile that show off your personality. Just relax, have fun, and realize the purpose of the photos is to help get you laid.

Write An Engaging Caption & Essay

Again, creativity will take you a long way with your introductory caption and essays. Don’t just write “Looking For Girls.” Write something like “Looking For The Hottest Girl Who Can Do It For Me.”

Change Photos & Info Regularly

Keeping your profile “fresh” looking will help entice women to view your profile – perhaps even a second time if they already saw it!

Write Interesting Emails

Don’t just write something like, “Hi, How are you? Let’s chat.” Write something colorful like, “Hey if you keep looking at my profile, I’m gonna start charging you.”

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