How To Get Her Hot & Wet

How To Get Her Hot & Wet

Andrew wrote on 2008 July, 02 Heres how you can make a woman just begging for sex. Heres the dos of everything that will make your girl just as hot and wet as Brazil!

- make unpredictable touches on her body

- only touch her crotch area sparingly

- kiss her soft, then kiss her hard

- occasionally pull her hair

- talk about her fantasies

- run your fingers up and down her body

- go slow with the touching, then fast

- gently lick and touch her breasts

- ask her what she likes

- rotate positions often

- start giving oral sex, then stop, then start again

- use various speeds of thrust inside her

- use a vibrator or dildo first

- tell her to think about her dirtiest thoughts

- use feathers or something similar to heighten her senses

- ask her if she wants to tie you up

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