How To Get A Womans Attention

How To Get A Womans Attention

Andrew wrote on 2008 July, 02 Meeting women is no doubt a lot easier when you can get a woman to notice you first. Heres what you can do to get the attention you deserve from women.


Women are of course attracted to looks, so the first order of business is making sure you have a good look to your appearance. This means having an in-style haircut and wardrobe, looking in-shape, and taking care of any unwanted hair and skin problems.


Women will notice you more if you walk like a giant. Women are naturally attracted to strong men, so you must learn not to slouch or lean down when you walk. Walk tall with your head up and shoulders back and you’ll be noticed more.


It sounds simple, but having a nice smile can go a long way. Of course don’t smile too much, or you’ll just look goofy. On the other hand, if you don’t smile at all you may come across as a criminal.


When you catch a woman’s eye hold the stare for a little longer to show the woman that you’re not afraid of her. But don’t look for too long, or you may come across as a psychopath!

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