Guest blog post 4: Mike D. tries Adult Dating

Guest blog post 4: Mike D. tries Adult Dating

Guest wrote on 2008 July, 08 Its been a long and busy week, and Im ready to blow off some steam with a good fuck. :)

I logged on to SexSearch and went through my many emails from local babes (since it’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to check).

I’d been emailing a chick nearby (Debbie) about possibly hooking up tonite. She wrote that she had a girlfriend visiting from out of town, but that we should all hook up for drinks anyway.

We met up about 2 hours later. She and her girlfriend were smokin hot!

Had a few drinks and there was definitely some sexual tension going between me n Debbie. We both kept touching each others arms and legs. Her friend Lisa also kept eyeing me.


Ended up shooting some pool To make things interesting…I offered the two girls a little wager. If they won, I would buy another round. If I won, they both owed me a massage.

They agreed, and I luckily I won. Unfortunately, the bar was closing. Fortunately, I was smart enough to meet them at a bar near me.

I told them to come back to my place.

We’re all chillin on the sofa in my living room when the two girls started rubbing my shoulders. Things started to heat up and before you knew it, the clothes started to come off.

Holy sh*t. A threesome.


They both sucked & fucked me. We did all kind of kinds of freaky shit. I ate their pussies out, they sucked me good…and at one point at the same time. J

Definitely not expected. Needless to say, I was delighted.

They just left a few minutes ago, but I had to update y’all. I’m exhausted as hell. Look forward to giving you another update soon.

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