10 Super Hot Fantasies to Act Out

10 Super Hot Fantasies to Act Out

Eric wrote on 2007 October, 10

Got Fantasies?  If you and your partner want to take sex to the max, acting out your wildest sexual fantasies can do just that, as long as it’s consensual and acted out in a safe manner. Below, you’ll find several of the most common sexual fantasies peppered with a few of the more “interesting” scenarios.

Sex With A Stripper/Hooker
Getting it on with an attractive stripper is a pretty common fantasy for both men and women. And it’s pretty easy to turn your living room into a “strip club.” All it takes are a few black lights, a strobe light, stripper-friendly dance music, a nice plush chair or sofa and lots of cash! For added effect, have your fantasy stripper wear a sexy bathing suit you’ve never seen before…wow!!! Another variation is to role play that you’ve picked up a hooker on the street by literally picking up your partner on the street or at a bar and then going to a cheap motel or ???


Wedding Night
In this scenario, you and your partner have tied the knot after a week of no sex. It’s been a long day of mingling with family and friends and you haven’t had a chance to be alone…until now. So what are you guys gonna do now??? For maximum effect, refrain from having sex for an entire week – for real!

Sex with the Ex
You’re out and about and bump into your ex, only to discover that they’re getting married to someone else - tomorrow. You both end up in bed for the most mind-blowing sex in the world…behind their new spouse’s back. How dirty is that???

Rape Fantasy
This is a pretty common fantasy among women. It involves being overpowered by the other person and forced to have sex, but without violence. It’s very important to clearly discuss boundaries with your partner when planning this one.

Beauty Pageant Fantasy

Guys, c’mon: how many times have you watched the Miss America swimsuit competition and said to yourself, “Ooh, I’d love to fuck her.” You can act out this fantasy by playing a pageant judge who meets one of the beauties backstage. “Little Miss Innocent” then promises special “favors” in exchange for good scores. Make sure she wears a bikini you’ve never seen before for the ultimate arousal.

Threesome Fantasy

Now be honest: at some point in your life, you’ve thought about this one, haven’t you? A threesome is something that should be thoroughly discussed between all parties involved: it could change relationships forever. A safer route is to just fantasize about it during sex with your partner. However, if you like to live dangerously…


Black Tie Fantasy
You and your mate are getting ready to go to a black tie affair. Get yourselves all dolled up in your best tuxes and gowns. You have to leave for the event when all the sudden, you both start to get frisky with one another. The next thing you know, you’re having sex in your formal wear, and are now very late to your event! For added excitement, act out this fantasy when you actually do have a formal engagement to attend…and arrive late for.


Public Sex Fantasy
Here’s another common fantasy with both sexes. What makes this fantasy exciting is the danger involved in getting caught. Some couples do get caught…and arrested for public indecency. A safer way to go is to enact this fantasy in the privacy of your own backyard, or fantasize about it in the bedroom. Play at your own risk.


Voyeur/Exhibition Fantasy
Does the idea of watching other people have sex turn you on? What about people watching you have sex? For voyeurs: try having sex while watching videos of other people having sex. For exhibitionists: find a sound effects CD that has tracks of different crowds and pretend you’re doing it at a sports stadium!


BDSM Fantasy
Love hurts, especially when there are whips, chains and handcuffs involved. This one’s popular one among many couples because it can cast people in a different lights and test boundaries. Just be absolutely certain that everything you both intend to do is consensual.

They say the most powerful sex organ is the brain. So if you want out-of-this-world sex, start using your head by making your sexual 

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