How to Fuck Another Guy's girlfriend

How to Fuck Another Guy's girlfriend

Eric wrote on 2007 October, 15

Guys: wanna bang other guys’ chicks with no strings attached? You can by answering swinger ads! Let’s start off by saying that it will take a lot of work on your end. First of all, you’re already in a crowded field. Single men outnumber swinger couples 5-to-1. Secondly, not all couples are looking for single men – they’re seeking other couples and women only. So you definitely have your work cut out for you. But here’s what you can do to better your chances:

Be A Gentleman
Whether you’re posting or responding to swinger ads, you want to present yourself as positive, outgoing, and easygoing. You will be committing sexual suicide if you are crude and lewd. Post classy shots of yourself, not cock shots. And do not write to a couple, “Wow your wife is hot. I’d love to fuck her.” Swingers are human beings just like everyone else, so show them respect. Make sure you fit the bill with what couples are looking for – don’t respond to an ad that says they’re looking for someone tall if you’re short. Or if they’re only looking for women and couples.

Stand Out
With so many single men trying to break into the swinger scene, you need to do whatever it takes to prove that you are worth getting to know. On top of being attractive, make sure you have a personality to match. Most couples will want to get to know you on a personal level first before jumping into the sack, so you’ll need to be able to hold a conversation. By the way, don’t expect to get action during your first introduction. Traditionally, a first meeting between a single guy and a couple is simply a meet-and-greet.

Follow Their Lead
When you finally do score the opportunity to hook up with a swinger couple, remember that you are playing by their rules, not yours. Don’t touch the guy’s wife or girlfriend until you’re invited to. And keep in mind that you’re not having sex with just the woman, you’re having sex with the woman as a couple. One of the most important things to remember: do not assume anything.

And The Most Important Rule of All…
Be discreet about your swinging encounters. Most swingers want their lifestyle to be private. You can be assured that kissing and telling will ban you from the lifestyle all together, because the word will spread.

So as you can see, swinging as a single guy has its advantages and drawbacks. You get to mess around with other guys’ wives and girlfriends. But it can be a very long, tedious process and the competition to get invited into the lifestyle is fierce. Plus, you have to accept that fact that you’ll be playing under the watchful eye of the husband/boyfriend. But if that doesn’t matter to you…

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