Swingers 101

Swingers 101

Eric wrote on 2007 October, 10 If you’re a “newbie” to the swinger lifestyle, or thinking about giving the scene a try, then you’ll definitely want to brush up on your swinger etiquette. There are lots of written and unwritten rules to remember, and the slightest breach could cost you. Most of it is simply using common sense, but there are some definite no-no’s to learn as well. Here’s a quick guide to breaking into the swinger lifestyle.
Always RSVP
It’s strongly advised that you reply to all invitations, regardless of whether or not you’re planning to attend. When you’re invited to a party at someone’s house, ask if there’s anything you can bring. House gifts are always a nice gesture. Arrive to the party on time and call the host(s) afterwards to say “thank you.”


Be Friendly & Outgoing
One of the most important rules in swinging is to be friendly and courteous to everyone: a positive attitude and likeable personality will get you far in the swinger lifestyle. If you’re going to a swinger event as a couple, make sure you go and leave together - but don’t appear to be inseparable. Otherwise, you might be labeled as unapproachable. Also, make sure to be open to meeting everyone at the party because you never know. If your partner is joining you, make sure they understand it’s a swinger party and know what to expect.

Cum Prepared

You’ll want to pack an overnight bag for personal belongings and light clothing. Casual party clothes that can easily be removed are highly recommended. Seasoned swingers also urge you to not only bathe or shower before hand, but also freshen up once you arrive to the party.


Practice Safe Sex
Just because swingers have active sex lives doesn’t mean they’re willing to be unsafe about it. Condoms are part of the norm in swinging to protect everyone from sexually transmitted diseases. Trust us, you don’t want to learn later on that you’ve contracted syphilis, gonorrhea, or AIDS.

Learn The Word “No”

Here’s one of the golden rules of swinging: respecting the word “no.” Everyone in the swinging lifestyle has the right to decline an invitation to a sexual activity, no questions asked. This means that if you invite a fellow swinger to engage in sex and they say “no,” you need to be polite about it and not get pushy.


Don’t Drink Excessively
Social drinking is acceptable at a swinger party, but overdoing it can put people off and inhibit your ability to have sex. Also, illegal drugs at swinger parties are frowned upon, since swinging is supposed to be a pleasurable experience itself.


Do Not Disturb
Be aware of your surroundings at a swinger party. Don’t be a disturbance to other swingers engaged in an activity by talking loud or making excessive noise. Also, don’t be a “cruiser” looking for activity by opening doors, turning on lights, and pulling back curtains.

Aside from being discreet about your swinger outings, the most important thing to remember of all is if you don’t feel comfortable at a swinger party, leave immediately. The whole point of the swinger lifestyle is to enjoy your sexual desires with other people. It’s not for everybody.

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