How to Get Her into Bed Faster

How to Get Her into Bed Faster

Eric wrote on 2007 November, 13

So you managed to talk that hottie into coming over to “hook up.” Unfortunately, many girls just want to “talk” first and feel that sense of comfort before jumping into bed. So how can guys speed up the process? While there’s no exact science, we’ve come up with a few tips on how to better the chances of getting your date to go from being totally cautious to being totally wet.

Set The Mood
Your special guest will be more inclined to get her booty on if your pad is clean, the lights are dimmed, and there’s ambient music playing in the background. Have some chilled wine ready as well as some sex-friendly nibbles…strawberries and cream, chocolates, or any kind of sexy finger food. Also feel free to try any foods that supposedly have aphrodisiac effects (for more info, see the article Aphrodisiacs That Arouse).


Plan A Romantic Surprise
Women love surprises. They especially love when guys go out of their way to do something creative and romantic. Some examples include: turning your bed into a bed of roses, buying her favorite dessert to share or renting her favorite DVD to watch together. Another great way to woo a woman is to brush up on a subject or hobby that she’s passionate about and then impress her with your newfound knowledge.


Offer A Massage
There could be some awkward moments when you first meet. That’s why there’s nothing like offering a nice back rub to help take the edge off. After a nice rubdown, she’ll probably feel more relaxed afterwards, especially if you keep the atmosphere light and joke around with one another (Also remember there’s nothing like a drink or two to help calm nerves).


Be Confident
Women love men with confidence. The key is to know what you’re doing (or at least fake it well). When speaking to your date, give her direct eye contact. Don’t slouch. Be flirtatious and give her brief strokes on her arms or back, which can send shockwaves through her system…if she’s interested. Watch her body language: does she appear to be more open or distant? If she’s all giggly and having a good time, take it a step further: get closer, take her hand, play with her hair, caress her arm or back, start giving her tender kisses on her neck, hands, or face. Is she moaning yet?


Let’s Review:

To get a girl into bed faster than usual, be sure:

1.)         Your place is clean.

2.)         You have drinks & nibbles ready.

3.)         You have a romantic setting with candles and music.

4.)         You have a romantic surprise planned.

5.)         You’re confident, funny, and flirtatious.

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