Spicing Up The Sex

Spicing Up The Sex

Eric wrote on 2007 November, 13

Are you and your partner currently in the midst of bedroom boredom? Hey, it was bound to happen. Hot, wild sex with the same person can get dull over time. But there is hope. Aside from trying new sex positions, there are a number of things you both can try to rekindle those good ole days of “the honeymoon phase.” Here are ten:

1. Wear Something New & Sexy
Time to go shopping for that new teddy, pair of silk boxers, or anything with leopard prints. For maximum effect, wear your new accessories under a sexy outfit like a nurse’s uniform or fireman outfit. And of course, unveil your costume when your partner least expects it.


2. Go to an Adult Toy Store Together
Shopping for weekly groceries can get tiresome, but not when you’re shopping for cock rings, clit ticklers, and anal beads. Make a point to go on a shopping spree with your partner to an adult store to shop for a few “necessary” supplies. You’re bound to have fun looking at the many interesting items available and later giving your purchases a try.


3. Play an Adult Game
Time for a board game….with an adult twist! Instead of Boggle, Monopoly, or Scrabble, how about The Sex Card Game, The Dirty Minds Game, or Let’s Fuck? Check your local novelty gift store. A few rounds of “these” games and you’ll be making a mad dash for the bedroom – or the bear skin rug - in no time.


4. Prepare An Erotic Meal Together
Bond in the kitchen by making an aphrodisiac-laden dinner: a sexy salad full of avocados and pine nuts, a spicy main dish, and something chocolate for dessert. Instead of cleaning up the kitchen afterwards, just have sex in the kitchen (and right near the dirty dishes).


5. Play a Contact Sport
Whether it’s touch football, shooting some hoops, or even a little wrestling, being active together can help increase intimacy – especially if there’s “a lot” of contact going on.


6. Watch a Porn Flick
Pretty self-explanatory…


7. “Date” Each Other Again
Remember how fun and exciting the initial dating period was when you first met? The dinners, the movies, the first fuck. Make a point to “date” each other again. Find an evening to meet for a drink, just like the first time. Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves going through a second honeymoon!


8. Have Sex In A New Location
Brainstorm for a few new places where you’d like to have sex (preferably somewhere legal). Get creative. Sex in the oddest places can oftentimes be the most exciting.


9.) Do The Unexpected
If you’re usually passive in bed, take charge by throwing your partner around…odds are they’ll love it! Or if you usually don’t perform an act like oral sex, try that and watch for an immediate pleased reaction.


10.) Phone Sex
Go into separate rooms of the house and talk dirty. The beauty of it is once you’re both worked up, you can hang up and get busy. For added variety, have phone sex while one of you (or both) is driving home. But don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road!


Keeping things exciting in the bedroom can become quite a challenge. But with a little effort and creativity, couples can keep things exciting, both inside and outside of bedroom. If you guys try all these things and nothing still works, I guess you both are screwed…but hey, at least you both are still getting screwed.

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