3 Ways to Fuck a Hot Girl

3 Ways to Fuck a Hot Girl

Eric wrote on 2007 December, 13

Have you always wanted to know the secret to fucking a hot girl? Well, it’s not really a secret. And how you go about it entirely depends on how easy or hard you want to make it for yourself. Check out the three options below. It’ll become pretty obvious which choice is best.

The Hard Way: Become Her Friend
Above all, the one thing you’ll need to pull this one off is patience - lots of it. A hot girl will have her pick of men and the ball will always be in her court. She’ll be the one to decide if and when you guys sleep together, and that’s something you will have to accept from the get- go. By becoming her closest confidant, you will be next in line to get laid when she’s vulnerable from a breakup or some other tragic event. But again you must ask yourself: do you honestly have the patience to sit and wait for the opportunity, if such an opportunity ever comes around?

The Easier Way: Pay For An Escort Or Massage
An easier way to get laid with a hot girl is to hire an escort or get an erotic massage. It’s a sure bet that you’ll get a happy ending but then you’re out 200-300 bucks or even more. The hotter the chick, the more expensive they are (some models charge up to $3,000 just for an hour!). Plus, getting an escort or erotic massage can be risky. The moment they take your money, they can hustle you for more money. Definitely not a happy ending.


The Easiest Way: Use SexSearch.com
Or, you can go with choice three: join SexSearch.com to find millions of hot horny women who are ready to jump into the sack with you. Join the site for free and start looking for horny chicks in your area. Plus, we GUARANTEE that you’ll get laid in 90 days when you upgrade to Gold or Silver membership. What could possibly be better than that? If you start looking now, you could end up fucking a hot girl tonight! So what are you waiting for???

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