How to Get Her to Reply to Your E-mail

How to Get Her to Reply to Your E-mail

Eric wrote on 2007 December, 13

The beauty of is that you totally have your pick of hot chicks – millions of them, in fact. But with so many girls also comes so many other guys vying for their attention too. So how can your email stand out in an inbox of emails? With a little work and creativity, you can get the girl of your dreams to write back to you. Let’s break it down:

The Headline
When you write to a girl on, one of the first things they’ll see is the subject line of your email. To better your chances of hooking them in, you should come up with something catchy. Some examples: “You’re Invited!” “Just Noticed” or “Has Anyone Ever Told You?” In fact, the subject line doesn’t even have to be true or make sense - as long as it intrigues the receiver. You also can’t go wrong with doing a play on words: “Davey Does Dallas” “Got Milkshake?” or “Over 99 Billion Satisfied.”


The Body of The Email
Now that you got that lovely female to open your note, how are you going to reel her in? You can comment on their photo or something written in their profile. Hopefully, they’ll make it easy for you by already providing some material to work with. If not, you just might have to rack your brain for something interesting. You could throw out an engaging open-ended question like, “Have you ever entered at Wet T-Shirt contest? If not, how many drinks would it take?” Remember to write with confidence (not to be confused with arrogance); odds are she’ll notice.


The Profile
After reading your email, the girl of your dreams will probably take a look at your profile. So make sure it’s all in order: upload your best photos and come up with snazzy yet brief essays. Be sure to have a headline for your profile that grabs attention as well.

If you’re not getting the desired results, just keep tweaking your email approach. Don’t forget when you write to a chick to be engaging, charming, and creative. You’ll thank us later when you’re having wild sex with the girl of your dreams.

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