Hook Up Screw Ups: Don't Try These at Home

Hook Up Screw Ups: Don't Try These at Home

Eric wrote on 2007 December, 13

As a playa on SexSearch.com, the object of the game is to find as many sex partners as possible so you can have your pick of women. You’ll also want to do everything right to keep them happy so your well never dries up. Here are some definite dealbreakers to avoid with the females.

- Calling them by the wrong name.

- Finishing first, and not making to effort to please them in return. 

- Finishing early, just when they were getting started. 

- Being unclean/having bad breath.

- Having no idea what you’re doing in bed.

- Taking calls during sex.

- Being arrogant about your sex skills.

- Bragging about other girls you’ve slept with.

- Being too rough or pushy.

- Kicking them out right away/not offering them a shower.

- Not respecting the word “No.”

- Calling them demeaning names (bitch/ho) without permission.

- Getting physical before she’s ready.

- Not listening to their personal requests.

- Doing something that they clearly said was off limits.

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