How To Spot The “Fakes”

How To Spot The “Fakes”

Andrew wrote on 2008 February, 22
Adult Personals were designed for real people like you to find like-minded people for sex. Unfortunately, not everyone on the site has the same motive – a few individuals try to use the service to send spam to promote their business through websites. These spammers (also known as scammers) register fake profiles to spam other members to sign up for their site, usually a webcam site. Here are several clues to determine whether you’re getting emails from a real member or a spammer, and what you can do to stop scammers in their tracks.

No Name Given In Email

A dead giveaway that you’ve received email from a spammer is if there isn’t a name at the end of the note. That doesn’t necessarily mean the email is from a spammer, but from our observations, notes from spammers never include any names (at least not yet).

Email Doesn’t Make Any References To Your Profile

Another clue that you’ve received spam from a “fake” member is if they don’t mention any of the info in your profile or essays. Again, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve received email from a spammer, but it should definitely raise a red flag.

Email Content Doesn’t Match Profile Info

If the note you’ve received doesn’t match the information in a member’s profile, beware. An example: we came across an email from a female who said she was “giving away free blow jobs,” yet in her profile, it stated that she had a panty fetish.

They Ask For Your Outside Email Address

Many of these unscrupulous individuals will ask for your outside email address. This usually happens on their second email to you. If you get an email like this, stop all contact and report them to customer service immediately.

If you encounter what appears to be spam or anyone attempting to sell services to you on your dating site, contact Customer Support and they’ll look into it.

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