B&D Must-Haves

B&D Must-Haves

Andrew wrote on 2008 February, 22

The BDSM scene is a whole world in itself and adds a whole new layer to Adult Personals. So whether you’re just getting into the lifestyle or are totally into it, here are a few of the more “interesting” accessories you might want to get during your next visit online or at an adult toy store.

Remote Control Panties & Thongs

These remote-controlled undies with special vibration to help excite women in public are perfect for guys, especially since they love to hog the remote.

Penis Leash & Collar

Ooh just the thought of it hurts, but it hurts so good!

Bondage Tape

If you’re both “stuck” for ideas, how about using black bondage tape to completely mummify your lover? Or for a completely trapped experience, order your partner to get inside a Latex Sleep Sack.

Spreader Bars

This mechanism will keep your partner’s legs spread all right. Have you way with their open private area, and they’ll be begging for mercy.

Humiliation Gags

They now have mouth gags where you can attach various objects like ashtrays, dildos, or toilet brushes to the mouth region.

Total Confinement Hood

Want to keep your partner totally in the dark? With this completely confining hood without holes for the eyes, nose, or mouth, it should do the trick. This hood is for experienced players only!

Electrosex Gear

These devices use mild electrical currents to stimulate both male and female genitalia. Get ready for the “shock” of your life.

Whip Stimulator

A whip with rows of steel beads at the very tip that can be put in the freezer or heated up to stun the hell out of your partner when they least expect it.

Candy Beaded Bra & G-String

Trust us, it tastes as good as it looks.

Penis Restraint

The anti-Viagra. Twist these rings around a penis and there’s no way an erection’s going to happen.

Rolling Pinwheel

A nerve stimulator that’s perfect for moving around very tender nipples. It actually looks worse than it feels: the little spokes aren’t sharp enough to puncture skin (unless enough pressure is applied).

Fitted Leather Sheets

For the ultimate in B&D play, throw this all-leather sheet over your bed. But they ain’t cheap: get ready to shell out nearly $600 for one.

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