Freaky Fetishes

Freaky Fetishes

Andrew wrote on 2008 February, 22

A fetish is an attraction to a non-sexual object. There are lots of Adult Dating members with a fetish. You’ve probably heard of a foot fetish (sexual attraction to the feet) or a leather fetish (turned on by leather or people wearing leather). While those may seem bizarre to some, there are other fetishes that sound even more bizarre! Check out some of the most unusual fetishes out there. And yes, they’re all real fetishes!

Abasiophilia Fetish

A sexual attraction to handicapped people who use leg braces, orthopedic casts, spinal braces or wheelchairs.

Balloon Fetish

Sexual arousal or stimulation from inflating balloons, watching others inflate balloons, popping balloons or playing with balloons in general.

Crush Fetish

The desire to see others (usually members of the opposite sex) crush inanimate objects or small bugs.

Depilation Fetish

A fetish in which people are turned on by hair cutting, including the touch of scissors and clippers on the body.

Egglaying Fetish

The erotic thought of a woman giving birth to one or multiple eggs.

Emetoplilia Fetish

A fetish in which someone is aroused by vomiting or watching others vomit.

Fart Fetish

A sexual attraction to passing gas; usually by straight males watching, hearing, and smelling a woman fart. In fart domination, the dominant person farts in the submissive’s face, mouth, ear or nose.

Harpaxophilia Fetish

A fetish in which someone is sexually turned on by being the victim of a robbery or burglary.

Inflation Fetish

An attraction to the imagery of expanded body parts like the breasts, butt, and stomach, sometimes to the point where the entire body is wide and oval except for the head, hands and feet.

Lift & Carry Fetish

A sexual fetish that involves being carried around by another person.

Macrophilia Fetish

An attraction to larger people, often by the idea of shrinking one self or enlarging another.

Ochlophilia Fetish

A sexual attraction to large crowds and gatherings of people.

Robot Fetish

An attraction to humanoid or non-humanoid robots or people dressed in robot costumes.

Sneeze Fetish

Arousal by watching others sneeze or by one’s own sneezing.

Transformation Fetish

A fetish involving the idea of people being transformed into other beings or objects.

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