Sex Moves For Pros

Sex Moves For Pros

Andrew wrote on 2008 February, 22

Are you and your partner finding yourselves bored with the usual sex positions? Sounds like you two are ready to take your lovemaking to the next level. Here are five advanced positions that’ll keep you busy for awhile.

The Wheelbarrow

Ready to reinvent the wheelbarrow? In this position, the woman starts on all fours. The man then stands behind, picks up her legs and holds them while the woman stands only using her hands. He then elevates his partner to penetrate.

The Three O’ Clock

Try this during a nooner! The Three O’Clock requires the guy to stand up, with the woman’s upper body horizontally at “three o’clock” and her legs resting on the man’s shoulders at “11 o’clock.” The man supports the woman by holding her arms in place. Have the time to give it a shot?

The Pretzel

Ready for sex with a twist? In the Pretzel position, the woman lies on her left side and the man kneels between her legs, curling her right leg around his left side and straddling her left leg. The man then uses his hands to bring the woman toward him. Try it with or without salt.

The Scissors

Finally, a position where neither of you will be saying, “cut that out!” In this one, the woman lies on her back and the man’s at her side. As she raises the leg nearest to him and rests it on his body, he enters from under her thigh. The Scissor position is also known as the Cuissade position, derived from the French word cuisse, which means “thigh.”

The Furniture

You might want to laminate your furniture for this one. This position starts out with the woman lying on her back on the edge of a table, futon, or bed covered with blankets and pillows and spreads her legs. The man then kneels and gives the woman oral sex. Afterwards, the man enters the woman by supporting himself on his knees and holding her legs above his shoulders.

Now don’t forget there are many different variations to these positions, so you don’t have to try them literally the way they’re described. Find out which variation works best for you and your partner by adjusting, turning, bending, angling and probing until you get it just right. As a warm up exercise (as well as great foreplay), you just might want to play a game of Naked Twister.
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