How To Get Laid Every Nite

How To Get Laid Every Nite

Andrew wrote on 2008 February, 22

With Adult Personals, you could be sleeping with the most beautiful women in the world every night of the week…if you play your cards right. Here are the major do’s and don’ts to follow on your mission to make every night of the week a “really good night!”

DO upgrade membership to access all features.

DON’T be cheap.

DO post the best photos of yourself.

DON’T even think of posting penis shots.

DO contact as many women as you can.

DON’T be shy and expect sex to come knocking at your door.

DO be funny and clever in your emails.

DON’T be a dumbass.

DO find ways to stand out from the other guys.

DON’T just write, “Hi, can we fuck?”

DO check the site every week for New Members in your area.

DON’T be the last to know.

DO remember which girl is which.

DON’T call the girl by the wrong name!

DO your homework and learn how to please women in bed.

DON’T expect a future hook up if you’re done in two minutes.

DO remember that women love foreplay.

DON’T forget this. EVER.

DO be positive and upbeat with the ladies.

DON’T sabotage your sex life by being a dick.

DO move on if a woman declines your invitation.

DON’T get pushy.


DO look and smell good.

DON’T let yourself go.

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