From A Girls Point Of View

From A Girls Point Of View

Samantha wrote on 2008 April, 02



Hey gentlemen!!!


One thing I can tell you about writing to women online is to just be chill.

This means not emailing us over & over if you don’t hear back. maybe we’re too busy to get back to ya right away. :)

When you write: charm us! show us girls why we should spend time with u and not the other men in our inboxes.

Also…all girls know that guys want sex ;). so make it fun for us. Build the sexual tension slowly…make us crave it! boys and girls are different in that way ya know…

I also like when a guy writes like “a man.”

What I mean by that is not adding “cute” and “frilly” emoticons like ;-) and :-). it looks girly and gives off the impression that u are trying too hard. Just be naturally funny and it’ll come through.

I would also ditch the exclamation points. Otherwise you sound flamboyant…like Richard Simmons!!!!!

Instead end your sentences with periods or ellipses (the three dot thingies lol!) they’ll make you look cool. calm. and collected... Or mysterious… :)



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