Creating a Killer Profile

Creating a Killer Profile

Eric wrote on 2007 October, 04

With millions of profiles on, a common question that comes up is, “How do I get people to notice mine?” The answer is to create a personal profile that really stands out. So where does one begin? The following tips can help maximize your chances of getting people to look at you – and ultimately – maximize your chances of scoring.

Pick a Clever Screen Name and Post Your Best Photos


The first steps in getting your profile noticed is creating a clever screen name and posting photos. Uploading photos is a very important step because most people will not look at profiles without photos. It’s like buying a car without even seeing the car first. It’s strongly suggested that you post at least one headshot and a full-body shot. Look your best. The photos should also be current, clear, and - unless you’re a couple - focused solely on you. Confusing people with a group photo will likely make them want to move right on to the next profile. A big no-no is passing off someone else’s photo as yours. You will only be wasting each other’s time once the other party discovers that you deceived them.  Since this is adult dating, it’s fine and perfectly acceptable to post risqué photos. Basic shots of your breasts and ass are okay, but genital shots are not allowed (for complete guidelines to uploading photos and videos, check out’s Help section). Remember that sometimes a photo showing only subtle body parts like cleavage or buff arms can also spark intrigue. And don’t be shy about posting photos. The more photos your upload, the better the chances of catching someone’s eye!


Write a Catchy Headline and Clever Essays


The next step in creating that killer profile is coming up with an attention-grabbing headline. A caption like “Looking For Sex” sounds unimaginative and predictable. Isn’t everyone on SexSearch looking for sex? Instead, how about writing a more engaging headline like,
“Looking For Both Good Girls and Bad Girls!” As for your essays, it’s important to be honest about yourself and what you’re specifically looking for - but keep it brief! Sexsearch members often browse through many profiles at a time, and it’s unlikely they have the time or patience to read a novel. It also doesn’t hurt to include an innuendo and/or double entendre to help entice your potential sex buddies.



Upload a Sexy Video Profile


Adding a video profile of yourself can help increase your chances of getting laid. Seeing you in motion, along with hearing your voice, could arouse someone enough to contact you! Think of your video profile as a video version of your profile essays. You may want to rehearse what you’re going to say prior to making your video profile. If it helps, jot down a few notes before shooting your clip and go over it a few times. Flirt with the camera, but act natural! If you can come up with something witty or provocative to say, even better! Wear something sexy and look your best. But again remember: no genital shots allowed.


If you follow these easy steps, you’ll be one step closer to making connections with other SexSearch members. If you’re still not getting

the desired results, don’t forget you can tweak your profile anytime by changing your essays, writing different headlines, redoing your video profile and/or adding different photos. We wish you all the very best with your sex search!

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