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Ever wondered what it’d be like to hook up with a young Hollywood hottie like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton? Yeah, duh! Although the chances of hooking up with a famous hottie are pretty slim, we can still at least fantasize about it. Let’s take a closer look at what a night of wild sex with some of today’s Hollywood babes would be like. 


Lindsay Lohan would definitely be a great fuck in bed. She’s a party girl who’s seen and done it all. But she’s classy (or so she thinks). So you can be assured that her pussy would smell like one of those girly bed and bath stores. She’s also got to give great head. Can you imagine Lindsay…tossing her hair to one side as she slowly lowers her lips into your crotch area…her long flowing hair draped along the side of your leg. Lindsay probably also loves anal, but only while under the influence. She’s also gotta be the loudest of the Hollywood Hotties when she climaxes.


We all know that Paris Hilton has skillz in the bedroom from that sex tape. And if you think from watching it that Paris loves sex, you’re wrong: she really loves sex! Since Paris is total brat, she loves men who can take control and get a handle on her in the bedroom. Not surprisingly, her favorite fantasy is playing the bad schoolgirl who needs to be punished after school. As far as sexual activities, Paris likes golden showers (especially in Jacuzzis), having sex outdoors (especially near the side entrances of Hollywood clubs) and being tied up with rope when she’s bad. She’ll also do rimming, but only after you’ve impressed her with your oral skills on her clit.



Y’all know Britney’s good in the sack cause the girl’s had so darn experience. Her first roll in the hay was a roll in the hay. You can tell Britney’s into all kinds of crazy shit: anal sex, girl on girl, brown showers, electrosex. She’s willing to try it all. In fact, she’s probably the greatest fuck of all cos it’s always the crazy ones who are the best in bed. Brtiney also loves being called every bad name in the book during sex, especially “dumb ass cunt.” But you gotta wrap plastic around your cock during any kind of sex with Britney: you have no idea what’s been sitting in that thing. Still, we name Britney a Fantasy Celebrity Fuck because we all know how great she’d be in bed.



We decided to pair these two up for a fantasy threesome. Ashlee would probably be the more adventurous one in bed, considering she isn’t naturally hot like her older sister. So to over-compensate, she’s had to be more of the slut in order to get men’s attention. Jessica meanwhile is more of the prude since she’s spoiled, better looking, and always getting what she wants. Jessica’s the type of the girl you just have to grab, throw down onto the bed, and take control. She’ll give you a decent blow job, but Ashlee will do it better: with more porn-style tongue and hand maneuvers. Ashlee’s also admitted in past interviews that she’s loud during sex. Jessica can be too, but you really have to pound her hard to make her scream.


Jessica Alba may be the prettiest of the Hollywood Hotties –and the most normal – but that doesn’t mean she’s also the most innocent. In fact, Jessica loves to take sex to the extreme to balance out her goody-two-shoes image. Jessica’s biggest fantasy is being one of those porn stars who blows 200 men in a day just to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. She also loves walking around her house topless and sometimes nude. And there’s nothing she won’t try in bed - as long as it’s discussed first. Oh and for the record, Jessica swallows.




This article is fictional and purely to be read for entertainment purposes only.


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