Why Swinging?

Why Swinging?

Andrew wrote on 2008 May, 19

Ah, swinging: the opportunity to have sex with other people while being in a relationship. Although having your cake and eating it too does have plenty of benefits, it can also have its share of headaches. If you and your significant other are considering becoming part of the swinger's lifestyle, read on and discuss.

Why Swing?

There are several reasons why couples decide to swing. For one, it could spice up a relationship that has become complacent and boring. Another reason may be to satisfy the urges of cheating without the guilt. In order for swinging to work, both people need to be on the same page.

Pros And Cons Of Swinging

Aside from reasons mentioned above, most people in the swinging lifestyle get "turned on" by the fact that their partner is sleeping around with others, which in turn enhances the sex when they're alone. One of the biggest cons of swinging is jealousy. Another disadvantage is it could change the relationship forever or worse yet - end it all together.

Discussing It

Before even deciding to try swinging with your partner, discuss everything. Ask yourselves why you both want to swing and then set parameters (this is an absolute must). Talk about what you both expect to get out of swinging, ask questions and set boundaries: are there certain things you and your partner can't do with other people?


Most importantly, the key to swinging is being honest with each other and keeping the lines of communication open. If jealousy arises, address it immediately (but at an appropriate time - when you both can discuss calmly). In fact, it's a good idea to reassess your situation from time to time. Swinging can be a beautiful thing, or turn into a living nightmare.

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