Andrew wrote on 2008 May, 19

Just like you, I've always been curious about swingers parties. Anytime I think "swinger party" I imagine hordes of naked beautiful women just ready to fuck you at the drop of a hat. Well my friends... I finally got the lucky chance to find out once and for all.

It was another Friday night. I was just planning to relax and watch bad TV for the evening when I got a phone call from one of my best friends Kimmie. Kimmie was smoking hot: 5'10", fit, brunette with nice shapely tits and an ass to match. We've never hooked up or anything: we've been friends since 5th grade: she's been like a sister to me. Anyway, she called and asked what I was doing.

I said, "Just staying in."

She responded: "Well tonight: how would you like to go to the most unforgettable party of your life?"

I said, "Mmmmmmm. Naw just feel like staying in."

Kimmie replied, "Oh no no no. You must come to THIS party. It's not just any ole party. It's a SWINGERS party!"

My ears quickly perked up: "Swingers party???? No! Shut up."

She said, "Yes. The guy I was going with flaked on me and I can bring a male guest. It's supposed to be the biggest swingers party of the year. Over 200 people will be there... including lots of beautiful young babes ready for action, if you know what I mean... "

Although I was planning to just relax, how could I pass up the golden opportunity to check out a swinger's party? So I told her sure I was in.

Kimmie told me to wear nice party clothes that could quickly come off. Before getting off the phone she said, "Oh and one more thing. Bring condoms. Because tonight... you're getting laid."

So I picked Kimmie up and we headed over to the swingers party. According to the invitation, the party was being held at a super-secret location. The location turned out to be a ritzy mansion, complete with lush gardens, fountains, and a sprawling pool & hot tub in the back.

Kimmie and I walked in and were greeted by a beautiful hostess who gave us a brief tour of the mansion and told us to enjoy ourselves.

So we both started walking around the main part of the house. Sure enough, the place was crawling with beautiful women dressed in their slinkiest and sexiest party dresses. Most of them were talking to other girls and couples at the party.

While it appeared to be your typical cocktail party, it was sure far from that! Little did I know that in nearly every bedroom there were couples getting it on with other couples... young wives of rich older men fucking other men... MILFs and cougars engaged in girl-on-girl action with younger single women - as their husbands watched in pure delight.

We got out to the back and saw a group of swingers enjoying the hot tub. There were a few guys but mainly girls - topless with only their bikini briefs on. We decided to join the club. Kimmie and I removed most of our clothing: I wore briefs and she wore a string bikini. She decided not take her top off.

At least... not yet.

There was this incredibly hot girl sitting next to me in the hot tub named Sheera. She had platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, 34DD-24-34, and a super-dark tan. She could have easily passed for a Playboy Playmate.

So as we're making small talk in the hot tub she puts her hand under my briefs and starts playing and teasing my cock. I told her it felt good and asked if she was with anyone tonite.

She said, "Yeah. My husband's actually sitting over there on the deck."

Taken aback, I said, "Um. Your husband... won't he get jealous?"

She said, "No, not at all. In fact, he loves when I come on to other men behind his back. It's a big turn on for him."

We started to kiss a little in the hot tub. I also began to fondle her firm, fun-sized breasts.

Did I mention Sheera had a very nice rack?

Sheera then said, "Let's go inside."

I nodded and we got out of the hot tub to towel off. She took me by the hand and led me to one of the rooms. As we walked in, there were other couples and single women playing with one another. The room had two king size beds, both with several groups already engaged various sexual activities.

Sheera and I finally sat down a plush love seat. We started kissing more, touching each other's genitals. She grabbed my stiffening cock and started giving it nice, long strokes. I took my index finger and gently glided it inside her already hot and wet cunt, which I had easy access to - not only because she had no bottoms on - she was also shaved.

As I was fingering her she started moaning and said, "My husband's outside and has no idea I'm being a bad little girl. I wanna get dirty and be a dirty little ho. Take me. Have me. Fuck me."

I ejected my very lubricated finger out of her horny-scented pussy, quickly thrusted my thick stiff cock into that sweet wet hole and began grinding. With each hump and thrust I could feel the sweet friction between my hard cock and her hot lubed insides. We started off in the missionary position on the floor and then I flipped her on top so she could angle my dick even deeper inside. As I penetrated deeper inside her, the sex got more and more intense.

What's even more amazing: the sex was so intense I barely noticed the other activity going on in the room, including a foursome (two couples) in one bed, a threesome (one guy & two girls) on the floor, and two girls playing with each other on another bed: one of them eating the other out!

The sex between me and Sheera was so intense, at one point she scratched my back with her nails and actually left marks! I guess you can say I got my first sex hickey. ;-)

After we tried a few more compromising positions, I felt myself about to come and let it all out in more ways than one... I came solid streams of cum while yelling pleasurous moans at the very top of my lungs.

Afterwards, we just chilled in the room for a bit: laughing and talking.

Then we got dressed and were told by the party hosts to go to the reception room, where there would be a special "presentation" at midnight.

Sheera and I finally got the main living room, both anxiously awaiting this special "presentation."

About 12:30, the presentation finally started.

20 beautiful women walked to the center of the living room, where there was a giant bear skin rug. All 20 women were completely naked, except for blindfolds around the eyes. The girls were then instructed to leave the blindfolds on while "entertaining" the guests with an "unforgettable show."

That "unforgettable" show turned out to be an 20 girl-on-girl orgy. The girls got on all fours and started kissing, fonding, teasing, rubbing and touching each other, much to the delight of over 200 onlookers.

Some of the girls started gently sucking on other girls' nipples, while others began eating each other out. There was even one girl who gave another chick anal sex with a strap on.

One of the beautiful female hosts then said, "Okay gentlemen. Listen up: one of you lucky bastards will be joining the fray that's taking place right before your eyes. You. 20 naked beautiful young women. Anything goes... "

Most of the guys, myself included, began cheering and whistling in excitement. Imagine: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with 20 naked girls in a no-holds barred sexathon.

The host then said she would go around and pick someone - at random - for the sex romp of a lifetime.

Guess who she picked.

That's right...ME!!!

So once again, I disrobed my clothing and crawled into the love pit of hot horny babes. The moment I got in there, the girls' hands were all over me, and my erect cock. Then the orgyathon officially started. I made out with nearly every girl! Imagine that... being the nucleus of a 20-girl orgy and playing tonsil hockey with all 20 girls... one after another. After that, each girl lined up in a single file line to take turns blowing me. Believe me when I say it was a definite challenge: not to blow my load before the 20th girl.

The female host then made the announcement that me and 20th girl in line would fuck for all to see, and that just before the Main Event: the girl would have to take off her blindfold.

After the 20th girl blew me, she took her blindfold off. And that's when I got the shock of my life.

The 20th girl was my hot friend, Kimmie.

I was like, "Oh my god Kimmie?"

Kimmie giggled and said, "Yep. It's me!"

I asked: "Are you sure you wanna do this... fuck me... in front of all these people?"

She replied, "Honey, I've been wanting to fuck you since the day we met in 5th grade."


I replied, "Well we have quite a bit of catching up to do."

We immediately got to work. She grabbed my firm and heaving shaft and rammed it inside her. I started pounding her hard and fast while on top . She moaned and groaned in pleasure - it was a side of Kimmie I never saw (or heard) before, and I dug it. I have to say: sex with a female friend since 5th grade was the most intense sex of my life!

Well okay, perhaps it was also from being at a swingers party all nite and looking at scores of hot naked women as well as touching them, kissing them, and fucking them.

After awhile we switched positions and started fucking side to side. I continued to probe her deep inside, with both of our legs tightly wrapped around each other.


Coincidentally, we both came at the exact same time. I could not believe how good the sex felt. The orgasmic yells and screams between us was like a just-composed piece of music.

Beautiful music.

One thing's for sure. I will always remember my first time fucking Kimmie. And my first time swinging.

I look forward to the next swingers party very soon and can't wait to share all the juicy details from that excursion.

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