XXX-Treme Profile Makeover

XXX-Treme Profile Makeover

Eric wrote on 2007 October, 04

Not getting any…responses, that is?

Or at least as many responses on SexSearch as you’d like to? Sounds like your profile could be due for a check up. Refining your profile is an excellent way to generate more hits and tempt members who passed on your profile before to take another look. Here are several easy steps to enhancing your profile.

Reexamine Your Photos
First, take a look at your photos. Do the photos best represent you? Do you even have photos up on SexSearch? It’s important to post pictures since most members will only look at profiles with photos. It’s also important to upload your best quality photos. Otherwise, you’re taking a gamble with potential hook-ups who may pass on you solely based on a bad picture. If you’ve had the same photos up for awhile, upload new ones. Include appealing photos that show a variety of sides: playful, sexy, flirtatious, seductive etc. Wear a different sexy outfit in each one, or wear very little at all! Have you thought of posting a sexy costume photo?  Another great way to catch someone’s eye is to periodically change the order of your photos. Active members will often notice.


Change Your Screen Name and Headline
You can change your SexSearch screen name and headline any time.

A new handle and headline could help in getting members to take another look at your profile. Do you have a catchy headline or is it blah? A caption like “Need You Tonight for Sex” will attract people more than “Need Sex.” After all, every member on SexSearch is here because they need sex!

Sharpen Your Essays
OK, now on to the essays. Are your essays brief or long? Do you come across as confident or arrogant? Do you suggest in your essays that you’re open to meeting a variety or people or are you being picky? Most online daters don’t have the time to read long essays, and the majority is also turned off by arrogance. Another reason you might not be getting results is because your requirements are too rigid. The more flexible you are with looks, age, height, weight and location, the better your chances of getting responses and eventually getting laid! Another indication that it’s time to redo your essays is if you’re not getting the kind of responses you want. Remember to be as specific as you can about what you’re looking for.

Have A Friend Look Over It
Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion about your profile from a friend or two. As the Dionne Warwick song goes, “That’s What Friends Are For.” Have your buddies look it over and ask for their honest opinions. After all, who knows you better than your friends? They might be able to spot things in your profile that you wouldn’t have even noticed or realized.

Making these simple yet powerful changes in your profile could help get you noticed more and contacted by other SexSearch members. The beauty of refining profiles is you can make as many changes as you wish. Keep tweaking that profile until you get the desired results. Most importantly, have a little patience! Results don’t always happen overnight, but they could with the right improvements!

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