Erotic Story: Two Tramps on the Trampoline

Erotic Story: Two Tramps on the Trampoline

Andrew wrote on 2008 May, 19

Come see how jumping on a trampoline with two college coeds turned into a wild and bouncy fuckfest.

So I go to a fairly big university that's well known for being a party school. The campus is simply crawling with hot chicks. People tell me all the time that I'm good looking but no matter how hard I try I've never managed to score with the really hot chicks. I guess you can say that I'm the "nice guy " - the one that hot girls see as "just a friend."

Of course I've dated around. I usually end up just kissing girls and maybe doing a bit of "exploration"... if you know what I mean... but rarely does it end up with sex.

Of course I want to hook up with hot babes at my university. When I pass them on campus I smile, look at them, and say "hi" but usually the girls just act snobby and look the other way.

As if I don't even exist.

One day, I passed by two incredibly hot girls on the way back from my final class. They were both blonde: one with big brown eyes and the other with piercing ocean blue eyes and freckles. Both girls had athletic bodies and wore sorority sweatshirts with blue jeans. You could tell just by looking at them that they thought they were the shit.

I decided yet again to "be nice," smile, and say "hi."

Sure enough, they both ignored me.

That's when I finally decided: no more Mr. Nice Guy.

After passing them I turned around and said, "Hey what the fuck. I was being friendly to you girls and you both think that your shit don't stink."

Annoyed at how stuck up they were, I then said something totally shocking yet liberating.

"You girls are both are so stuck up, you both deserve to have dog shit smeared all over your faces."

The girls then looked at each other and bursted out laughing.

They both walked over to me and one of them said, "You know what. That was funny! You're right, we do deserve to have dog shit smeared in our faces for being kinda stuck up."

She then added, "My name's Amber. And this is my girlfriend Debra. What's your name?"

I said, "Joe." "As in Joe College."

They both giggled and Debra said, "That's cute."

Amber, the blonde with the brown eyes, interjected, "Well I just have to say Joe that what you told us took balls. We like that in a man." Debra, the blonde with the ocean blue eyes and freckles, added, "Yeah we're tired of wimpy guys who try to act nice just to get into our pants."

Then I said with a sly smile, "Well now you know what we all have to do, right... kiss and make up."

Amber paused and said, "Hey, we're going back to the house. Why don't you join us."

I said, "OK sure," although I had no idea what was gonna happen next (but I was sure looking forward to finding out!).

So we all walk to the sorority house and end up in the back yard. No one's back there... just the three of us.

The first thing I noticed in the back was a very large circular trampoline with a blue trim. The girls saw me looking at it when one of them said, "Ah, you like to bounce?" And I said, "Yeah, trampolines can be fun."

The girls then looked at each other mischievously and both said, "Well then let's play... "

So the three of us walk towards the trampoline when I decided to be ballsy again and say, "Wait."

I added: "You two aren't seriously going to jump on the trampoline in those clothes are you? Don't you think you should lose your sweatshirts so I can watch those boobies bounce... .isn't that the whole point of watching girls jump on a trampoline?"

Both girls started laughing again and one of them said, "Well whoa buddy. We ain't that easy."

I shot back: "Oh yeah. That's not what frat guys tell me every weekend."

Both girls had shocked looks on their faces but then started laughing again.

Amber said, "Hahaha okay. Well you got us there!"

Debra then said, "Tell you what... how about a little trampoline wrestling: us girls against you. If you can pin us both down at the same time, the tops come off.

Who was I to argue?

So we all take off our shoes, get on the bouncy platform, and get into position. The bounciness of the trampoline would definitely make the wrestling certainly a lot harder - but also twice the fun!

So it's me on one side of the trampoline and Amber & Debra on the other side... about to have an impromptu 2 Girls vs 1 Guy "Battle Of The Sexes" match.


They both hop over and take me by the arms but my strength is simply no match for them. I easily get out of their holds, swoop my arms around both girls and dive towards them like a bowling ball knocking over pins. We all come tumbling down on the trampoline: a three-way body collision... with each girl trying to regain balance. The wrestling match turned into a sandwich: with Amber on the bottom facing down... me in the middle... straddling Amber's ass... and Debra on top of me, trying to get me off Amber.

As we all scramble for control our wrestling match turns into a fully clothed orgy: hands, arms and legs... all over the place, lots of dry humping, some "accidental" touches of the girls' boobs (oops!). Well okay, not accidental...

Finally I decide to take matters into my own hands by ripping off each girl's sweatshirt myself. The girls were clearly unfazed by all this. They were too busy laughing and screeching.

Man I couldn't believe I was getting totally nasty with these two college cuties! There were many guys at school who would pay top dollar to engage in such activity with such young attractive girls... and I was participating for free! My senses were delighted to say the least.

Underneath Amber's sweatshirt was a nice low cut bra that accentuated her 34DD breasts. Debra was wearing a similar bra that made her large breasts pop out almost as much as my cock after seeing the girls with their shirts off.

Very nice.

Finally both girls say, "Okay okay, we give up!!! You win!!! You win!!!"

I then ask, "Well okay so... what's my prize?"

Debra says, "Mmmmmm. Well what should your prize be, Mister?"

I paused for a moment and said, "Both of you take off your bra and panties and do some jumping on the trampoline so I can watch those boobies bounce. Then give each other a nice lesbian kiss. And then... ... ..surprise me... ."

The girls giggled and agreed to my request. They started off bouncing on the trampoline... totally nude... .giving me a front and center show of their bouncy firm tits bobbing up and down in the air. They then slowly got closer to give each other a sweet, gentle kiss on the lips. As they kissed, Amber delicately rolled her tongue into Debra's mouth for some hot girl-on-girl action.

The kissing was the real deal because you could hear the girls' lips smacking with sensuality and tongues being pressed up against the other. While kissing the girls also started to play with each other's nipples so delicately. Talk about a show!

After a few minutes of the lesbian love fest Amber signaled to me and said, "Come here."

I started joining in the kissfest... all three of us engaged in a three-way lip wrestling contest. It started off tenderly and ended with all three of us trying to shove our tongues down each other's throats as deep as possible.

While I continued the mouthfest with Debra, Amber then slid off my pants, took her hand and started to gently rub my crotch area. My dick got bigger and bigger with excitement.

Amber then switched places with Debra...with Debra stroking my boxers while Amber and I went at it.

Debra finally pulled my boxers off completely, exposing my hard-as-a rock dick, which seeped with droplets of wet ooze from all the sexual excitement.

Amber and Debra then took a bottle of suntan lotion sitting on the outer edge of the trampoline, poured it into their hands and started rubbing vigorously. Amber said, "Now we definitely don't want to get .that part' of you sunburnt, do we?" They both then started to gently massage my huge hard-on with suntan lotion.

And ooooh did it feel good...

After rubbing sun lotion in just the right spot, I told Amber to get on all fours in front of me so I could do her from behind on the trampoline. She obediently did what I said and put her soft baby ass near the tip of my hardened cock... .ready to insert and flirt.

So there I am... riding Amber doggy style outdoors on a trampoline while kissing Debra and bouncing back between playing with her tits and squeezing Amber's ass.

Then Amber and Debra switched places so I was riding Debra while making out with Amber.

After a few minutes of riding and kissing, Amber whispered something in Debra's ear and she nodded. Amber said they both decided that my surprise would be...


That's right: I was about to get blown by both Amber and Debra - at the same time! Which meant I could cum in both of their faces - at the same time!

I lay down on my back on the trampoline while Amber, on one side of me and Debra, on the other side of me, got on their knees and kneeled down to lick my hard shaft gently at the same time.

Believe me when I say that a double blow job is double the pleasure, double the fun!!

While the girls switched off licking the underside of my cock individually and simultaneously, I started to feel an orgasm come on. The initial "rush" of pleasure inside my cock was indescribable... as if someone was pulling back a bow & arrow with such intensity.

Then it happened.

Mounds and mounds of hot cum erupted from the tip of my cock... shooting out all over, and right into Amber and Debra's faces... like an out of control drinking fountain.

I managed to cover most of Amber and Debra's faces with my jiz and oooh did it feel good.

Oh yeah...

Afterwards, I just lay there... with Amber and Debra massaging my chest... and the warm sun hitting my face on the trampoline.

Finally, a college hook up with hot babes that I'll never ever forget.

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