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Is this Website Free ?
Yes this site is 100% totally free ! We are all enjoyers of the adult dating industry and love to help people out that are looking to meet somebody online for a casual date, or an onenightstand.
What are you doing with my information ?
Nothing much. We have a privacy policy if you’d like to read more. We don’t collect privacy data or do spam. If you have signed up for our free weekly newsletter we send you a newsletter every week and give you a chance to win a Free SexSearch Account for a whole year. If we find some other interesting stuff you might receive mail from us as well.
How often is this page updated ?
We update AdultDatingOffers.com several times per week. The dating industry is one of the fastest changing online industries and we’re on top of everything to provide you with the most accurate and updated information.
How do I request a Review for my own site ?
Write an e-mail to info at adultdatingoffers dot com and we’ll politely answer your e-mail with a request for a goodie bags and other free stuff ;-) Seriously; We don’t want anything for free. Since we’re also testing and reviewing your upgrade and payment process.
I want to block this website for my kids or other family members.
This site does not contain any adult material. If you still feel you want to block this website; use one of the following programs:

Can I hook up with some of you ?
That depends, are you hot ? ;-)

Can I advertise on this site ?
No. AdultDatingOffers is an objective comparison page that does not endorse any advertising. If you want your website reviewed send an e-mail to info at adult dating offers dot com
Why are you writing e-mail addresses so weird ?
This is to prevent spam bots from scanning our e-mail addresses and sending us e-mails that we need Viagra and penis enlargements. Our sex organs work good enough on it’s own J Actually we recommend everybody to write their e-mail addresses like this online. It’s not 100% guaranteed but it helps.
I want to unsubscribe from your newsletter
This means you won’t be elected for the monthly “Free Annual SexSearch Membership” draw but whatever. Go to our Newsletter page, and fill in your e-mail address, you can now choose the option “unsubscribe”. You can also follow the unsubscribe link in one of the newsletters.
How many visitors do you get ?
About 600.000 a month.
I would like to contribute to the site
In a little while you can. We’re currently working on getting polls and user comments in place. As well as user reviews. It’s going to be fireworks here in a couple of weeks.
I love you guys, your site rocks!
Suck up! But yeah we know ;-) ok. We love you too.