Fling.com Reviewed

Fling.com entered the industry in 2006, and went from zero to a decent amount of members rather quickly. Without a lot of advertising they became rather popular. Fling.com is a good name, which receives a lot of type-in-traffic. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been testing, reviewing and making new contacts at fling. Read our findings below.

  • Current Members:3 900 000
  • Online Since:Mid 2006
  • URL:Fling.com
  • Female/Male Ratio:40% (Estimate)
  • Features:
  • Navigation:
  • Effectiveness:
  • Customer Support:

The Signup Process:
Simply said, the signup process sucks. Never before have we had so much trouble signing up! For each test we use separate Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! because most of our visitors use one of these free e-mail accounts as well, and we want to know how the big guys rate the site. Gmail didn’t even let the registration e-mail come through! After trying for a second and third time, we finally managed to create a free profile. This definitely didn’t leave a good first impression.

Fling Member HomePage

Safe Mode ?
The look of their home screen was pretty nice. I like a clear and above all fast loading look and Fling scores good on this chapter. In all my excitement I clicked the hottest, sexiest picture I could possibly find; all of a sudden I get the message that my safe mode is on. Safe mode? Really ? After all the pictures that they showed me in the tour ? I was surprised to say the least. On the other side I do believe it’s a good feature, one that should be introduced on other dating sites as well. However I don’t feel that this feature should be applied by default. If you wanted to meet well dressed Christian singles, you wouldn’t have signed up for Fling.

Fling SafeMode 

Video Chat:
Their Chat room overview page applies 3 columns after the room name. Men, Women and Total. ..Interesting. This way it's very easy to spot which room has the most women. You can also check Private User Rooms, and more interestingly Regional Rooms. Unfortunately the Regional Rooms seemed kind of empty. The Videochat Quality is pretty good, in oppose to what we've encountered on other sites there was no lag or slow video. The video was nice and smooth, so thumbs up for that.

Fling VideoChatVideo chat and Naked.com I’ve addressed this to some other Adult Dating Programs as well; If I’m a paying member I don’t want to see advertisements on the site. Or at least give me the option to turn it off. The entire time I spend in the chat rooms I was bugged by Naked.com ads of.. truth been told beautiful ladies. However if I’m watching and talking to a BBW Women (no flame intended, There are a lot of BBW’s on Fling) in your own chat room, why would I want to be bugged by somebody I have to pay for, and even have to pay for. That doesn’t make me feel like you have my best interest at heart.

Find a Fling!
Search is clear, and well structured. Nothing special, but good overall. What’s pretty interesting is that they save popular searches. So you can see what other people search for. They display their gold members first; which I applaud. However the results were not even near the amount of members that turned up after a search at SexSearch or FriendFinder for that matter.

Fling PersonalsFling Profile

Verified Photo's:
Verified photo’s a great way to get more traffic to your profile. This way you’ll know that the person is real. Because there are so much people coming to the site; there are some garbage profiles as well. To avoid wasting time. Search for Verified Photo’s only. Also; be sure they verify your own photo’s so that you’ll get included on the girls verified photo’s only search results. You can just upload your photo together with a copy of your I.D., Passport or Driver’s License. Thumbs up for their fast customer support team; they did this under 2 hours.

Fling Verified Photos


This is without a doubt the most important part of every website. And unfortunately for Fling the part where they lack the most. I didn’t explicitly mention the part of the BBW women for no reason; most of the active female members of the site are largely shaped (BBW) while about.. and don’t be socked.. 20% of us guys likes Big Women, I and 79+ % of the men out there do not. I’ve done some Instant Messaging with some cute girls on there, but they don’t seem so responsive and lack active interest in the community.

Fling Inbox


While Fling has their basics covered I don’t like being covered with Advertising when I’m paying for a service. Their Signup process has some serious issues and being blocked by the big mail guys is usually not a good sign.  The pro’s are that for a site with almost 4 million members it loads amazingly fast, and it’s easy to find your way around. If you’re into Big Beautiful Women, we can recommend Fling. If you’re looking for a site that really hooks you up with active, beautiful female members go with SexSearch and you won’t be disappointed. Click Here to See the Fling Video Demo.

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