Not Recommended, go with either fling or sexsearch. The only women you can chat with at AmateurMatch are the ones you have to pay for. This site is not about hooking up but about pay per view webcams. Shame this could have been something Written by L. Lyleen

I’ve been at better sites. AmateurMatch is okay, but not great. You can get much better value for a 30 USD a month membership. They lack real innovation, also there’s a lot of advertising on the site Written by Ruth

Had a lot of fun at AmateurMatch, met some great guys on the website ;-) I’m just looking for a fling. Not going to swingers parties or anything else, but there seems to be less hassle on amateurmatch. Plus I also get access to the other websites, like their senior and regular (boring) dating sites. Written by Sharlon B.