Total waste of time and money. I'm a female! Every time I posted MY picture, yes mine! not some borrowed off the internet picture the site would remove my profile. It made me wonder if anyone (females) were real on there and if they were just luring men in by using photographs of attractive naked come screw me females. Written by Kat449

Good quality webcam, but that’s what you pay for. I’ve been a member of WildMatch for 4 months now, simply because I love their video cams. But you have to pay big time for this, luckily I can afford to. Actually the cams are from their webcam site imLive, but like was posted here somewhere else it’s not fair to pay additional for that. We’re not even getting a discount. It also feels like Wildmatch is not the main concern of the company behind Wildmatch, I’m receiving weekly e-mails about other sites, and the activeness of the people on the site is lacking. If you’re looking for pure dating, I would take my dollars some place (site) else. Written by CrazyXXX

I rated wildmatch waste of time, simply because I didn’t hook up with anybody. Actually it should read: waste of money because they now ask an extra couple of dollars per minutes that you videochat, even when you’re a paying member! That sucks! Written by Kyle

Site is average, I was lucky to find somebody living within 100 miles from my town so I took the drive. But this was definitely not a quick hook up. Haven’t tried any other sites yet, but I’m cancelling my wildmatch membership Written by Ruffus