Sex Search Adult Personals

SexSearch is the 2nd biggest Adult Personals website on the web. They started in 2000 and with their successful pre-launch membership they started gaining members fast. Now, six years later they have almost 18 Million members, with over 60% female members.

  • Current Members:18 000 000
  • Online Since:7 January 2000
  • Female/Male Ratio:60%
  • Features:
  • Navigation:
  • Effectiveness:
  • Customer Support:

SexSearch is still 100% Free but offers extra privileges for paid memberships. Features include:

  • Advanced Search Options
  • Goldroom Membership (Free access to the biggest porn sites on the web)
  • Enlarged Member photos
  • See Member videos
  • Priority with photo, video and profile reviews
  • 24/7 Support
  • Build multiple profiles

It's very easy to find your way around, SexSearch has a very simple menu at the top of each pages, allowing you to navigate quickly to the page you want to go.

From the "account" tab you can access all your profile settings and add and manage videos and photos, as well as upgrade your membership, change password, e-mail etc.

On to how to get you laid.. You can search for a female sex partner in two ways. The first one is just the basic Search option which is located in the menu, the 2nd one and this is my favorite ;) is their advanced AutoMatch feature. Automatch is a feature that allows you to fill in a lot of details about yourself and what you are looking in a woman. So instead of filling in your search every time, the AutoMatch feature sends you e-mails a few times a week informing you about girls in your area that match with your settings/requirements. You can also run the Automatch feature every time you want by selecting it from the top menu.

On the search results page you can immediately add women to your hotlist, which is kinda like your bookmarks or buddy list. From here you can send e-mails, videos and photos to other members. Btw, uploading videos is as easy is watching one, just select the file you want to send and click upload. You can put these on your profile and even send them to the girls.

Ask Jenna Jameson ! In my experience, if a celebrity puts his or her name on a product, the product is of top quality because they do not want their names associated with a poor product or scam. Jenna Jameson not only fully supports SexSearch, but also works as a Sex Expert by answering questions and giving sex tips.

Enough Tech Talk, Overall, SexSearch is my best experience and I am still a proud member of their site. I have had more sex dates and possitive responses with SexSearch then with all the others. The site works so good because it's designed to get you laid and it's appealing to women. However, it would be cool to have additional features like a chat room or a community message board, but these are no must-haves. Right now, SexSearch is absolutely number #1 with the amount of women that they represent. Latest stats showed over 10 Million Verified female members and counting.