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AdultFriendFinder aquired by Penthouse

Date: January 10th, 2008

That’s right guys! One of the biggest Adult Companies in the world is behind AdultFriendFinder now. It was already a rumor for a while but the deal was sealed yesterday. We congratualate both FriendFinder and Penthouse on the purchase.

FriendFinder Donates 200k to Charities

Date: November 30th, 2007

The AdultFriendFinder network has recently donated $200.000 USD to various charities. The donation has been made to show that people and companies involved in the adult social networks are in fact very generous and socially conscious. Thumbs up for FriendFinder !

Do you love Porn ?

Date: July 8th, 2007

AdultFriendFinder has recently conducted a survey where it interviewed a group of 2,100 people (50% men and 50% women) about what they thought of porn. The results were surprising to say the least. Over 72% of the interviewees admitted to either love, get off or get turned on by porn. Only 1% claimed to be turned of by adult movies. The survey was conducted over the whole FriendFinder network.